basic art terms and definitions

Background – The area of an artwork that appears farthest away from the viewer. Manifesto – A public declaration, often political in nature, of a group or individual’s principles, beliefs, and intended courses of action. For example, in class a student’s work may be reviewed Pigment – A substance, usually finely powdered, that produces the color of any medium. Daniel Heller is an architect multidisciplinary artist and author of the book Plato's Visual Utopia. Print – A term describing a wide variety of techniques used to produce multiple copies of an original design. Paint – A combination of pigment, binder, and solvent (noun); the act of producing a picture using paint (verb, gerund). IterAtIve proCess A process for arriving at a decision or a desired result by repeating rounds of analysis or a cycle of operations. Contour – The outline of something. Rendering – A representation, executed in perspective, of a proposed structure. LINEAR PERSPECTIVE-The way the eye perceives objects. The surface is usually paper. Art 101: Definitions, is a glossary of basic art terms intended to serve as an easy reference point for beginning collectors of art. Etching – A type of print made by scratching marks onto the surface of a metal plate. endering or painting images and objects in a stylized or simplified way, so that though they remain recognizable, their formal or expressive aspects are emphasized.

Scale – The ratio between the size of an object and its model or representation, as in the scale of a map to the actual geography it represents. Appropriation – Appropriation in visual arts, an intentional borrowing, copying, and alteration of preexisting images and objects, used in the creation of new art Academic – Of or relating to the conservative style of art promoted by an official academy

Renaissance – A term meaning rebirth or revival; applied to a period characterized by the humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning, originating in Italy in the fourteenth century and later spreading throughout Europe and lasting through the sixteenth century.
Technique – The method with which an artist employs technical skills or materials to achieve a finished artwork. Avant-garde – A French term that denotes an innovative and experimental group, particularly in the realms of culture, politics, and the arts.

Photography – The practice craft or art, of producing images by the action of radiant energy on a sensitive surface (film, an optical sensor). Art 101: Definitions Art 101: Definitions A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T W Horizon line – A line in works of art that usually shows where land or water converges with the sky. Balance – The even distribution of weight, either actual weight or visual weight, in a composition. Glossary of Art Terms Belle Époque. It is used in the art framing industry to frame art drawings or photographs. Tempera – A type of paint in which pigment is mixed with a water-soluble binder, such as egg yolk.

Portrays natural objects in recognizable form (an example of realism). Monochrome – A work of art rendered in only one color.

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