bear vs gorilla

Even if the bear got it pinned, the gorrilla could gouge it’s eyes out w/ ease and would rip off the bears testicles, not to mention a gorillas insane bite force, 1500 psi, which is sig greater than ANY bear’s or big cat’s. Ummm no. Zoo Diet: The Zoo's sloth bears eat insects, mealworms, and crickets, as well as such fruits as pears, melons, oranges, and grapes. However, what would happen if this king of the jungle had to fight the other kings of the jungle, a male lion? Leopards hunt and kill gorillas. Gorillas are sturdy animals with broad shoulders and chest, larger hands like and small eyes. How Do Gorillas Get So Big And Strong While Being Herbivores?

Bears have claws. Squirrel vs Snake fight comparison- who will win? Even a gorilla, a very violent than a polar bear, but a gorilla is having very little weight than a polar bear. Would like to hear somebody else thoughts on this, other then insults. Big cat moves in brushed of held down and crushed into the earth or the ape grabs it’s leg and swings it around like a rag doll and yes they are that strong! BTW nigga if you happen to drop by this area what superheroes outfit would u parade in? Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media.

Gorillas can also bite with an incredible 1300 pounds per square inch, twice the force of a lion, which is enough to crush a human skull like a grape. So… This unknown skill was acquired through divinity and originated from some planet of the apes somewhere too far away in the galaxy of the next universe according to the gorilla’s elder. Silverback Gorillas are one of the strongest and intimating animals on the planet. A ridiculous account! In a fight between a gorilla and a lion, they would be pretty equally matched. A male grizzly weighs in at 600 pounds and stands 7 feet tall. Even a gorilla, a very violent than a polar bear, but a gorilla is having very little weight than a polar bear. The lion would surely put up a good fight but would eventually yield to the gorilla. Wolverine Vs Cougar fight Comparison- who will win? Polar bears are found in cold places like the Arctic.

Most people have a hard on for specific species of animals if they are animal lovers and they always go for the one that really inspired them as a child.

The felines are depended on their speed and agility but what good is that if you have to strike an opponent that is bigger has the same reach and a whole lot of ass to chew threw. It dies not rip the leopard to pieces with its mythical strength. Gorillas are indeed amusing as compared to the grizzly bear, as they can make various expressions which the grizzly bear cannot. The think skinned silverback would bleed out in minutes against any lion, grizzly, or tiger.,juvenile%20gorilla%20was%20also%20found,

They say that a gorilla can crush a man skull with just a squeeze of it’s hand but a bear will take a mans clean off with one swipe.

Having also read a number of research papers comparing size and morphology of the different big cat species, they all point that on average, Lions and Tigers are of equal size. The reason is that, a polar bear has a good ability of hunting and can fight wherever it is needed.

A male lion weighs in at 420 pounds.

Why does speed matter? How do I know that because of this extreme ridiculous bias. With the latest one c/w metal spider claws that is too awesome. It is who will survive as a species.Let’s hope that both these animals …

The gorilla is considerably larger, about 50 kilograms so.

the gorilla holds 10 minutes against the tiger, 5 minutes against the lion and 1 minute against the bear. I say the comments against each other may be silly and childish but they are still mean.


Ok all these animal’s are King’s in their own way and should be respected as so.

Some species of bears eat mostly meat and fish while the other species feeds on plants and insects. The gorilla’s thick neck would make it harder for the tiger to get his kill shot, but nonetheless, it would be an eventual tiger victory. In the end, the fight would most likely go to the grizzly bear.

If you are searching for a useful article on Grizzly Bear and Western Gorilla, then you are in the right place.

Gorillas are incredibly strong, but the bear’s claws would be a serious advantage, as well as the fact that a bear is accustomed to hunting, whereas a gorilla eats mainly vegetables and doesn’t hunt much.

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