cobbs mill inn

Former Weston 1st selectman George Guidera — who bought it with his son-in-law in 2006, and left his longtime law practice to run Cobb’s Mill — put plenty of money into it. It’s even worse news for at least one bride-to-be, who already put down a hefty deposit. After her death, he married Laura Papallo. Despite his improvements, no one went to Cobb’s Mill for the food. WESTON — The Cobbs Mill Inn, host to presidents and home to generations of weddings parties, may soon get a new lease on life. The building itself is among the oldest structures in the country, predating the Revolutionary War. For months, everyone has assumed Cobb’s Mill Inn was for sale. There’s a good possibility the North Avenue bridge over the Merritt Parkway will also need work. Services for Friedman — a founder of the Westport Downtown Merchants Association and longtime local commercial landowner — will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday (March 3) at Weston’s St. Francis of Assisi Church. I assume this is Elayne. Construction could take 8 months. “Where’s Jimmy?” — described on Cobb’s Mill’s Facebook page as “Fairfield County’s favorite Rock n Roll quintet” — rocks the restaurant tomorrow (Saturday, May 26) at 9 p.m. Upcoming acts include Old School (a great rock band I actually have heard of, on June 1), and Tim DeHuff’s Dynamic Jazz Duo (June 21). Or use Venmo: @DanWoog06880. Burial will follow at 4 p.m. at Beth Israel cemetery in Norwalk. Ever since that Charles Darwin kook came to town, Weston's had nothin' but trouble. The teacher — Mark Tangarone — ran Weston Elementary School’s talented and gifted program for 17 years. Mr. Glazer did not comment on whether financial terms for a purchase have been discussed, or if they have, how far they have progressed. Because it’s not over water, there are fewer environmental issues — so it will probably come up for work sooner than Route 57. It was purchased by the Glazer Group in 2015. Any amount is welcome — and appreciated! Yesterday, “06880” celebrated the reopening of Cobb’s Mill Inn (well, “La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn.”), One, however, was particularly alert. This progress thing could really take off. The restaurant was opened in 1936 by Alice DeLamar, one of the most prominent New York, Palm Beach and Weston socialites of her time. Posted in Education, religion, Totally random, Tagged Cobb's Mill Inn, Mark Ribbens, Mark Tangarone, theory of evolution, Weston evolution controversy, Click here to help support “06880” via credit card or PayPal.

In fact, the heading reads: “Historical Inn & Banquet Hall Steps From Downtown.”, The “property type” description is “Hotel & Motel.”. The whole New England-in-the-woods experience — that’s what kept people coming. With $130,050 in property taxes past due, foreclosure was inevitable. Like the inn, which has been closed for over two years and has deteriorated, the Silvermine Tavern was a local treasure where glory days seemed to have passed and the future was in doubt. North Avenue is a major Westport thoroughfare, carrying 2300 vehicles a day. Since 2002, it has been on a list of properties a State commission says should be given that status.

Westporters might have read recent “06880” posts about the possible reconstruction of the Route 57 bridge near Cobb’s Mill, and not cared. Cobb’s Mill — the  only real dining spot in Weston, and for decades the go-to wedding/anniversary/memorial spot, thanks in equal measure to its rustic charm and ducks — is quite a property. And I know that — just like their cousins/spouses down in Weston, Ala. and Weston, Miss. They might even want to watch the Discovery Channel, provided Cablevision has wired Weston yet. Posted in Downtown, Organizations, People, Real estate, Restaurants, Tagged Acqua, Bobbi Friedman, Bobby Q's, Cobb's Mill Inn, Drew Friedman, Onion Alley, Westport Downtown Merchants Association.

The engineer — thinking ahead — hopes residents will weigh in on the choice between detouring traffic (for an expedited construction schedule) or maintaining traffic (and taking a long time to construct a new bridge).

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