cotesia flavipes

2015a). The encyrtid Anagyrus indicus Shafee et al. 20.1C) and B. bassiana is a major mortality factor in Cyperus papyrus L. in South Africa (Conlong and Way, 2015). Greathead DJ; Greathead AH, 1992. On the other hand, a natural proportion of parasitism by L. minense was observed in larvae collected in the different plots, and ranged from 0.07 to 0.16 between treatments and collection times. Gallo D, 1980. Parasitism tended to increase between the first and second collection, but this was not a statistically significant difference (F = 3.23; df = 1, 12; P = 0.097). Both Beauvaria spp. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on sugar cane in Trinidad. Parasitism is obtained by the following formula: In a natural way, numerous predators, especially several types of ants, carry out an important role in borer control by striking 70–80% of the borer eggs. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. As in the case of the number of cocoons per larva, the number of wasps per larva tended to increase between the first and second collection times for the refreshed source of C. flavipes and colonizing wasps from the check plots. Cotesia flavipes. Parasitism of stem borers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) associated with corn and sorghum in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Egg parasitoids, Trichogramma sp. : Pyralidae). Badilla F F, Solís A I, Alfaro D, 1991. They concluded that prior exposure of commercially reared A. melinus to O-caffeoyltyrosine may improve its effectiveness in augmentative release programs to control California red scale. Kajita H; Drake EF, 1969. Losses due to stem borer damage have been estimated at around 0.83% of reduced cane weight, and an additional 0.26% yield at milling per ha for each percentage unit of internodes bored (Vargas et al. 263. 42 (pt. James B. Whitfield, Jaqueline M. O’Connor, in Parasitoid Viruses, 2012. Total hemocyte count, but not hemocyte adhesion, total protein content and phenoloxidase activity increased in the hemolymph of non-parasitized Bt-fed larvae (Bt-NP) compared to control larvae (NBt-NP). Cotesia is a genus of braconid wasps first described by Peter Cameron in 1891. (See color figure 81.). Adult longevity ranged from 2.0 d (check plots at first collection time) to 3.7 d (refreshed source at second collection time), but no statistically significant differences were found between treatments (F = 1.28; df = 2, 6; P = 0.345). Third, if multiple populations are founded independently, they should display more interpopulation variation in gene frequencies (greater FST) than the source population(s). Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI). Some natural enemies of lepidopterous pests in Himachal Pradesh. Adult parasitoids are released inside the jar, where opened raisins are placed over the wire gauze portion. Indian Journal of Entomology, 35(4):281-284, Varma GC; Bindra OS, 1973. (1997) indicates that 90% parasitism of eggs of the southern green stinkbug can be achieved by releasing 2000 Trissolcus basalis adults at 50-m intervals in a tomato field. Soc. ARC-SGI-Agricultural Research Council-Small Grains Institute, Bethlehem, South Africa, IBLCB-Instituto Biológico, Laboratório de Controle Biológico, Campinas, Brazil, SASRI-South African Sugarcane Research Institute, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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