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Get our recipe for a Low-Calorie Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. All it takes is a little imagination and a couple extra ingredients.In fact, some of our favorite For perfectly tender steak we recommend you bust out your slow cooker. Basic Skirt Steak Let 1 skirt steak (about 1 1/4 pounds) come to room temperature. 1. They're big, hearty and make a regular Monday night feel like a decadent celebration. And when we tell you these recipes are easy, believe us! Ground beef and fish aren't the only options when it comes to taco fillings. Get our recipe for a Steak in a Red Wine Pan Sauce. You'll be a meat master in no time when you learn these creative ways to cook steak. They all come in under 500 calories, too! Check out our healthy steak recipes you can easily cook up at home—no steakhouse reservation needed. Sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox! That's because steak dinners usually are the mark of a special occasion, punctuated with an outing to a big, fancy restaurant. The upside to an open-face sandwich is that by ditching half the bread, you end up saving yourself 100 empty calories. Serve this dish over a bed of mashed potatoes and alongside some garlic-lemon spinach or some sautéed kale for a well-balanced meal. They're a far cry from your average baked potato. Madison Flager is the Lifestyle Editor at; she covers food news and trends, travel-worthy food experiences, and the products you need in your kitchen right now. It's essentially a meat and potatoes dish, but this French version is covered in an herb-spiked butter sauce that you will no doubt be thinking about for days after you have devoured it. What really makes or breaks this dish though is if you don't let the steak rest. There is nothing healthy for you in that lineup, so we put a good-for-you twist on the classic sandwich, upgrading the ingredients to a lean flank steak, a whole-wheat roll, and a yogurt-based blue cheese sauce. You don't have to fire up the grill outside, either. Our version of the carne asada burrito is much more modest in size, focusing on the main ingredients: chunks of marinated skirt steak, guac, black beans, and cheese. The appliance's sauté setting is perfect for making a tender steak. No one can resist the allure of the beloved nacho, but if you order this from any restaurant as an appetizer, you'll most likely be indulging in more than 1,500 calories worth of soggy chips.This Get our recipe for a Healthy Poor Man's Steak With Garlic Gravy. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. It might not be traditional steak, but it proves you can use a cheaper cut of beef and still have a five-star meal at home. Pat dry and season with salt and pepper. Low in calories and bursting with flavors? We mix the blue cheese with breadcrumbs and herbs, which creates a crunchy, melty crust on top of the steak. Yes, it's that good, and it's a classic meal for a reason. Get our recipe for a Grilled Mexican Steak Salad. If blue cheese and steak aren't one of your favorite flavor combinations, it soon will be after you make this recipe. If you're in the mood for a classic French meal, look no further than steak frites. If you haven't yet used your Instant Pot to make steak, this is a great recipe to start with. Here are 12 recipes that'll help you do just that.

If that's not incentive to learn how to make perfect steak at home, we don't know what is. You're going to flip over how good these are. Worchestshire sauce and stewed tomatoes make this tender steak totally irresistible. They're big, hearty and make a regular Monday night feel like a decadent celebration. Here's how you recreate the Chili's staple at home. Steak tacos are an underrated and delicious way to add red meat to your diet. Just take lean ground sirloin and form it into steaks, and then cover it with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and a finger-lickin' good soy-spiked sauce. If you've never added chimichurri sauce to your steak, you're missing out. This recipe proves you can still enjoy a grilled steak slathered in spiked butter for hundreds of calories less than you would find if you ordered this out at a restaurant. This version combines a tender skirt steak, provolone cheese, and a medley of caramelized vegetables, including mushrooms and green bell pepper. Get our recipe for an Open-Face Steak Sandwich on Garlic Toast. We have plenty of steak recipes you can choose from that offer tons of flavor and won't hurt your waistline. As for the basics, here's everything you need to know about cooking steak. RELATED: The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. In fact, you just need a pan and your stove in order to cook up a mouthwatering meal.

Soon enough, you'll be a master steak-cooking chef in no time—without having to wait for a table at a restaurant. Typically, a Mexican-style restaurant salad ends up falling victim to the fast-food treatment. Get our recipe for a Philly Cheesesteak with Caramelized Veggies. Get our recipe for a Flavor-Packed Bloody Mary Skirt Steak. The mix of sweet and salty from the tomato juice, the heat from the horseradish and Tabasco, and the acid from the lemon all come together to transform a piece of beef. The buttery, delicious beef tenderloin of your dreams. All rights reserved. You might not think to combine beef and coffee. Follow Us On Pinterest | Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter. It's a simple technique that results in a truly flavorful piece of steak. Still can't get enough? Filet Mignon With Porcini Mushroom Compound Butter, Seared Steak And Polenta With Chimichurri, Grilled Flank Steak With Radish And Corn Salad, Surf And Turf With Spicy Roasted Garlic Chimichurri Butter, Cowboy-Cut Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks, Register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot today, The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. Try our healthy steak options and best-ever grilled steak dinners, or use up your leftovers in an amazing steak sandwich. Skirt. But we say save the money you'd spend on table service and learn to make steaks at home -- and do it better than the steakhouse can (so long as you avoid these mistakes).

Get our recipe for Lighter Carne Asada Burrito. Not only is perfecting your at-home steak game easy, it also means you'll be able to eat more of the good stuff, because it's significantly less expensive to cook it yourself. They'll never guess that they're actually healthy! Part of HuffPost Food & Drink. Get our recipe for Instant Pot Steak Fajitas. If you're a meat-eater, every now and then, you might just crave a steak dinner. This recipe uses a spicy cheese sauce and plenty of salsa, beans, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeño pepper to really spice up the steak and deliver a high-flavor, low-calorie plate of perfection. You're more in control of the temperature of the stovetop, and cooking the meat in a pan easily helps you make a base for a sauce to pour over the steak. Test out the unique technique that's currently all the rage. This one takes a little bit of patience, but the flavors you will treat your tastebuds to will be worth it. We're letting you in on a little secret: a Bloody Mary actually makes for an amazing marinade. That's because steak dinners usually are the mark of a special occasion, punctuated with an outing to a big, fancy restaurant.
Yes. A traditional Philly cheesesteak seems to always be overly greasy beef, fried onions, an oil-soaked hoagie roll, and, of course, Cheez Whiz. The next thing you know, you're consuming a day's worth of saturated fat in the process in just one meal.

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