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She’s the patron saint of individuals with mental illness and incest victims. Winefride’s bones are maintained at the church where pilgrims travel to be healed  by the spring of water that was turned into a well. Saint Patricia reminds us that young women’s holy desires should be given voice and honored. Born in Pandrethan (ancient Puranadhisthana) near Srinagar into a Kashmiri Pandit family, she was trained in Trika, a mystic tradition of Shaivism in Kashmir. In her poems, she rebelled against prevailing social norms, rejecting rituals in favour of meditative devotion, questioning the secondary status of women and advocating equality for all. However, another document stated that Afra was beheaded and her body buried far away. And that everyone is equal regardless of religion, caste or gender? At the tender age of 15 Dymphna became a Christian martyr around 620 C.E. Names of notable saints such as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila are listed here, as well as those of lesser-known saints. After boldly pleading with the pope to enter the convent early, she was allowed the following year. It’s unclear how she became the patron saint of such individuals, but a once frequent practice had those who were believed to be possessed gather around a jar containing Eurosia’s relics in the hopes of being healed from their affliction. Sterling Silver Floral Bordered … Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts. Thinking it perfect for her final resting spot she died there, and her tomb is maintained by the chapel that was built around it, Chapel Sainte-Noyale. Known for her unwavering faith to the Christian church, Afra became a convert to the new religion after being in the service of the goddess Venus as a vestal virgin.

Lalla or Lal Ded as she was known, was a rebel female saint of India in fourteenth-century Kashmir. When she was still a child, her mother died, and her father (shortly before his own death) took her to Pandharpur where she worked as a maid in the household of Damasheti and Gonai, parents of Namdev who went on to be a prominent Marathi religious poet. What Motivated These 9 Female Saints Of India To Give Up Everything For The Spiritual? Susanna came from an extended Christian family — she was the daughter of Saint Gabinius, who was the brother of Pope Caius. Why did these women on the path of devotion have to reject family life (unless they happened to be wedded to like-minded men) and ‘marry god’? Liked it? Basilissa’s vow of celibacy was not something to be compromised. Poor Cecilia didn’t go out with a nice, clean cut — Turcius and his men made three attempts to behead her without avail. After boldly pleading with the pope to enter the convent early, she was allowed the following year. She was the wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, a nineteenth-century mystic of Bengal, who played an important role in the growth of the Ramakrishna movement. Become a premium user on Women’s Web and get access to exclusive content for women, plus useful Women’s Web events and resources in your city. St. Regina Sterling Silver Oval Medal. She converted to Christianity in her youth and took a vow of chastity, which clashed with her father’s desire to marry her off to another noble. Her husband died sometime before her father passed away when she was around 30. Married at the age of twelve, she was regularly mistreated by her mother-in-law and husband. (Sixth Century Ireland) Dymphna resisted the incestuous advances of her pagan father, and fled the country with her Christian priest. She was murdered by thieves when she refused to cover up an evil crime she witnessed. She remained a nun and preferred the dignity of ordinary house work to the lavish lifestyle afforded her by her parents. Her mother was a Christian while her father was a pagan king of the region named Airgíalla. Sant Sakhubai was a saint of the Bhakti movement era from the same region. They had a son, Ajobha, who was married to Paanbai. A mystic of the Kashmiri Shaivite sect who inspired and interacted with many Sufis, she created mystic poetry, verses that are among the earliest compositions in the Kashmiri language called Vaks (literal meaning: speech or voice).

She continued to work with the sick, aged, and taught children. Born into a royal family in what is now Rajasthan, she was the only child of her parents. Vitthal lied about his marriage to be initiated into sanyas. She agreed and composed a song a day for fifty-one days – each around a specific theme like nature or the guru-shishya relationship – as instruction to Paanbai, after which she took samadhi. Born in Udutadi (now in Shimoga, Karnataka), she was initiated into mysticism at a young age. The Bishop of Jaca put a stop to this in 1947. But her father caught up with her after tracing her footsteps via the special coins she used to pay for room and board along the way. along with her mother and three handmaids in Augsburg by the river Lech. Legends abound and several miracles are attributed to her.

Tales of miracles are part of common lore about her. Lal Ded demystified Shaivism by composing in the language of the common people, making its tenets accessible to all. Eurosia was dragged out of the cave and met her death by beheading in 714 C.E. Valerian converted, as did his brother Tiburtius, upon purportedly witnessing the angel who attended Cecilia.

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