fir tree identification guide

Depending on the species of pine, the bark can stay relatively smooth on mature trees. I will attempt to use a come-along attached to a hook on CRV car frame… Read more », Hey Tom! Even some pine cones that are long and conical differ from fir trees in the way they grow on the tree. Any… Read more ». If there are no needles on spruce branches, you will find that they have a spiky or jaggy look, unlike smoother pine and fir branches. These needles are arranged in two rows and grow outward, curving up from the twig to form a flattish spray. Trees with single needles are typically spruces, firs, cypress, or hemlocks.

The needles are similar to those of pine trees, except they are much shorter. Dear Mark, could you identify the variety of Fir tree shown in the first picture of the article – the one you and your dad dug up and transplanted to your yard? Hi Marsha, thanks for the question. Positively identifying younger trees like this one can be haphazard, but you’ve definitely got yourself a nice looking spruce. The best breakdown of conifer identification for the novice. I am interested to know the species of this very large tree with dusty cones in my garden. The perfect pyramid shape of spruce trees is one reason why these are popular Christmas trees. There we have it! Douglas fir cones stay intact and are generally abundant in and under the tree. Spruce … It has been here at least five years and is about 7 feet tall. In this article you can expect to see some pictures paired with descriptions and an organized approach examining the nuggets of information. Those are some truly impressive trees, certainly some of the most beautiful evergreens I’ve come to know. Fir cones are cylindrical, grow upwards and colorful. Santa Maria, California, Hello Kathy, that might be a cedar, could also be a juniper; luckily both are ideal candidates for bonsai. This is the most helpful and beneficial tool to add to your repertoire, and that’s why it’s first! Can you assist in identifying? Unlike firs, spruce needles have 4 sides so they are not flat. Top limbs angle upwards and bottom limbs sag to ground. However, there are some exceptions. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer! Are you able to attach a picture in a reply to this post? One of the distinguishing features between pine cones and fir cones is that pine cones hang down from the branches. Although the branches of these three conifer trees do not possess instantly identifiable characteristics, their cones can aid more definitively in identification.

They opened and seeds popped out and we tossed them in a large 18″ wide circular pot with who knows what kind of soil. If there are just single needles growing from the shoot or twig, this is probably a spruce or fir tree. Pine needles are relatively long, soft, and grow in clusters. Tend to develop rough and scaly bark because of woody projections that hold the needles to the tree. As a general identification rule, the bark on fir trees is generally more deeply furrowed than other types of conifers. Prefer mildly acidic soil high in organic matter. Some species of pine trees have needles that are up to 16” (40 cm) long. In New Hampshire we have a lot of evergreen/pine trees that grow about 10 to 12 feet tall, then they shoot out 2, 3 or 4 major trunks out of the main trunk. Cones often begin developing with a green color, then turn reddish-brown or black. Also, please let me know whereabout you live (“Southeast Pennsylvania” or “Northern Virginia” work well enough)!

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