swear words in pashto

Useful phrases in Pashto.

Smthing that does come to my mind from the collection of Bebe… Hahahaha!! (16) I asked him if he would swear a statement to this effect. Swear Synonyms. Click here to donate to this awesome blog so Orbala can keep writing stuff you love! زه ښه يم، هننا، ته څنګه يې؟ (za kha yam, mannana, ta sanga yee?) How to say yes and no in Pashto! Kurdish (Sorani), – Khwdey de pa tandar owaha! You wouldn’t happen to have a Facebook by any chance, would you?

You wouldn’t happen to have a Facebook by any chance, would you?

And if you mean to use abusive language towards someone than you better call him, Beghairat, which means Honour-less which is quite a harsh swear word to use towards an Afghan/Pashtun and they take it very serious lol. So by clicking on these links you can help to support this site. (11) If the parents swear a statutory declaration, the only record of the procedure is the document itself, which may be lost or destroyed, by accident or deliberately. May you be eaten by black bullets.

Why not share this page: – Zama da sara sadaqa she! ], – Spuck Shay. can you tell me of some more researches done on this topic.

Sure! xAww, that’s so very sweet of you to say! – Zwanimarg shey its nirboorni, So relatable! [Refers to a female who has a lover and/or a run-away … not sure of the English term for this. you can provide recordings, please contact me. ( Log Out /  May your immorality/promiscuity become public.

The funny thing (and I am sure others will agree with me on this) is that when I cuss, it feels good. hubs.ly/H0lmQm10, The Best Language Learning Advice Isn't Necessarily Language Learning Advice

), Just being mean: mean, offensive, personal remarks in Pashto, – Mateezey!

May God extremely embarrass/humiliate you!
It depends on what languages you already speak.

[Dirt and ashes signify nothingness, the fact that everything eventually comes to an end; humans become dirt (literally, soil) when they die, and when something is burned down, it becomes ashes. [Something like: May you die as soon as possible so God can accept you as charity on my behalf!

May you die! I mean, I know there will be times where I’ll be caught totally and completely off-guard, speechless, not knowing what to say.
[The term “miraat” suggests the utter loss of all of the males in a household/family, and culturally, every household is to have at least one male–for financial, security, and other purposes.]. Video – Ramy, the Muslim Community, & Double Standards: rewarding men, punishing women | #WhatThePatriarchy? Numbers | 2017 Alds Game 2 Score, Also find spoken pronunciation of swear in Pashto and in English language. – Khwar au zar shay! Useful phrases in Pashto. They are in the domains of woman.


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