top of the lake season 2 episode 2 recap

Robin admits she was raped by three men, not just one. Linda agrees to help them try and discover the woman’s identity. After a little back and forth, he eventually agrees to do so.
First, we spend 5-10 minutes speaking with a fake suspect giving a false confession. At the end of the episode, Mary receives the gift from Robin. As the 3rd episode takes off, we see Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) shopping for Mary (Alice Englert). It’s obvious whatever it is he’s doing isn’t something that warrants that kind of smile, that these delusions of Cinnamon have pushed him toward a very, very bad idea. She seems at peace, having the time of her life, because anyone on TV drinking a beer by the water at sunset looks at peace. It’s obvious whatever it is he’s doing isn’t something that warrants that kind of smile, that these delusions of Cinnamon have pushed him toward a very, very bad idea. He originally told Robin he got it for his son, but then Robin saw it at the brothel, Silk 41. Back in the present, Robin and Miranda (Gwendoline Christie) inspect the body. That’s confirmed when Julia and Pyke call Robin to tell her that Mary is with them. It was a desperate attempt to try and make Robin Griffin look superior to everyone else. He thinks he’s freeing them when he’s one of many who have aided in commodifying them. She is interrupted by a phone call. I know, I know: No one likes hearing about other people’s dreams, but we have to talk about this one. Good news: Brett didn’t shoot Mary.
Robin’s brother gives Miranda a meditation session of sorts. Top of the Lake Season 2 Episode 2: The Loved One Summary: Armed with the fact that China Girl was pregnant, Robin launches into the investigation, including inside Sydney's sex industry. He’s going to the brothel, and he’s got a gun. Nothing like a murder mystery to aid mother-daughter bonding! She’s scared of you. The face has been damaged severely making it impossible to identify the Asian female victim. Later, Robin comes home to find Puss waiting for her. Surprise — she’s not there. Her method seems to be to make Mary comfortable, first and foremost. The lead woman at the brothel (a.k.a. Then! Css Transform, Using Google to find your long-lost family — it’s just like Lion! If this is true, that’s kind of a bummer for multiple reasons, one being that it’s treated like a big twist even though it’s not really — the show gave multiple hints that Cinnamon had been unhappy and needed help. To tell these parents, “Your babies have flown away, and now it’s your turn to cry.”. It is obnoxious.

Why the writers didn’t stick with the original characters is beyond me. It’s what Robin has had to do for herself, in a way, and from that perspective, the show isn’t ignoring the various tragedies it’s presented over the course of the season by ending on a positive note for Robin; instead, it’s proving that tragedies do and will continue to coexist with victories, and no life is free of either. Everyone’s more interesting when they’re dead. “She’s not in love. The episode ends with Robin taking home a DVD of Mary as a child and watching it on her laptop in her barren living room. Her friends burn her wedding dress. He goes to the morgue to identify her body, which he does, and then he asks for a moment alone with her.

Seems like a risky move, Dang… (Recap continues on page 4). You may be afraid to ask for help and as a result tend to take matters into your own hands.” Makes sense! Then, Robin expresses her intention to check out a local IVF clinic. Robin’s out. This episode was a complete waste of time. the bottom girl, as Google just taught me) (also a.k.a. That’s where the surrogate is. The meeting with her daughter's parents veers off the rails and puts contacting Mary at risk. Mary might have been shot, all because of her idiotic, cowardly boyfriend (well, and also because of Brett). What I’m more interested in, though, is: What are we going to find out about Cinnamon from him (…besides her dumpling order)? She goes home, where her brother basically kicks her out (also, he has a mullet). Robin arrives for the hearing, while Al rolls his wheelchair into the building. They’re worried that he might become suicidal. Then, she meets with Ray (Geoff Morrell) at the morgue. It’s all a hallucination. — is bad, bad news. He approaches the woman in charge and asks about Cinnamon. He turns Mary into a laughing stock and is forced to leave by security. Julia’s already proven herself to be a bit melodramatic — let’s not forget the taxi thing — but I’m kind of with her on this one. Mary’s no joke. But no one ever is, especially not Robin. She interviews him. On screen, it’s as fiery as when she literally lit the curtain on fire. That’s when she gets up and leaves. Mary responds with a joke — “mom and dads” — and then asks if they should take a photo. Top of the Lake: China Girl has nothing to do with dead pufferfish, but that’s the image I kept coming back to while watching the premiere, which begins with a man and a woman hauling a suitcase through a seaside cemetery and ultimately throwing it into the water below. Julia says something about Mary being violent, making me wonder if there is some big secret and all this mother-daughter drama will turn out to be more than just a chance for Nicole Kidman to beautifully fume. The writers have given us a total idiot in Miranda Hilmarson and none of the male characters are any better. And that surrogate appears to be going on “holiday.” She says her goodbyes to everyone at the brothel — including Mary, whom she kisses gently on the lips in a moment that’s more sexual than sisterly — and then Puss takes her to a storage garage. Back to the present: Robin is talking to the morgue guy, Ray, about the cause of death for China Girl (we know her name is Cinnamon, but they still don’t, so I’m going to follow their lead and keep calling her China Girl until they figure it out).

We learn that the victim was pregnant. Then, Robin returns to Miranda and reminds her to take notes in her notebook. Alexander is shown a document proving he is already married. All These Years Go By You Know I Got You, He bounds through the house, demanding to see Puss as women run screaming out of his way. She’s been gone a while, and she’s training cadets, who aren’t exactly model students. Catch up with previous recaps of Top of the Lake now! She sees that Julia and Mary have a fraught relationship and that they’ll never have a productive conversation about Puss — or about life, for that matter, at least at this point. Then, we waste time trying to turn Elisabeth Moss into a sex vixen. For now, Robin’s okay. That, in turn, is enough for Puss to give Robin the keys to the apartment and tell her where it is. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Nordic Tattoo Sydney, Out Of The Darkness Walk Orlando, Wenham’s segment was great, but the rest of the episode was really pointless. So, yes, Robin is feeling helpless. She feels safe with Robin. She learns about Mary and how the girl has been a total nightmare.

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