what smells repel wasps

Pull a chair up and stay a while! To keep them from harassing you and your guests, set out a few wasp traps (but not too close to your seating area). DISCLAIMER: None of the information in our website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. After this, place it in the openings and the infested areas. No matter what you do, be sure that you are wearing protective clothing from head to toe, as even people who have no known allergies can be harmed by multiple stings. Scatter the mothballs around the area, or throw a couple in a pair of old pantyhose. Same recipe as yours except I also added a few drops of clove oil on top of the lemongrass and peppermint oils.
The dish-washing soap clogs their breathing spores, and they die almost immediately. Wasps don’t live on sweets alone — they will also seek out protein sources, so keep your burgers and hot dogs covered during your picnic. The great thing about these deterrents is that many of them are useful herbs or beautiful flowers, that look and smell amazing. You should keep your garbage cans covered

Cinnamon contains eugenol which repels insects including wasps (such yellow jackets and hornets).

I want Captain Patio to become the best place on the internet to find, share, and learn about all things patio-related. link to Sunroom vs. Our giveaway this month is the Turmeric spice from Living Tree Community Foods. Finally, you can make or purchase wasp decoys. I’ve added new ranges of outdoor living furniture to my website. All these remedies work to repel wasps too. You can spray nests with warm soap and water. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder over their nests to repel them. When I'm not keeping up my content schedule, I'm spending time with my wife and two kids (usually on my patio!). – Flour and water paste (approx. Wasps do not like certain smells, and they choose to stay clear when the smells are used as alternative repellents. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Step Into My Green World | STEPin2. Wasps and bees don’t like strong-smelling herbs like mint. Instead, I wasted a miserable Saturday morning with my swollen arm on ice and spent another three weeks itching miserably. How To Clean A Mattress and Get Rid of Stains. Like all aerosols, this stuff is flammable as it comes out of the can so don’t spray it near a lit grill or candles. So try dabbing some eucalyptus oil around the table, and place a … WASPS! Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa... Apple, cucumber and cilantro flat tummy smoothie recipe, Tips on how to prevent being infected by the Coronavirus. Thank you Ginny. I will try anything, so just thank you for sharing!! Filed Under: Save Money Tagged With: decks and patios, household pests, lawn and garden. Check the outside of your house around the patio for places that might need repairs. They are too important for the growing plants. It’s great fun and will also help to keep you garden wasp-free.

Spray the mixture all over your house to repel wasps. I am highly allergic to them.
popped around every once in a while… sprayed him directly and was also gone asap. To deter wasps from interrupting your picnic, keep Jello salads, juice and soda cans covered. TIPS: Remember wasps feed off portion, so keep all food with proteins indoors. I will continue to spray every couple of weeks just to keep them away from building nests.

coming to your patio, you need to limit them before they move in. Now that you know how to repel wasps naturally, head outside to enjoy these dog days of summer free of those stinging pests! While wasps do have an important role in the world, such as pollinating plants and preying upon common garden pests like aphids and caterpillars, they often play the more annoying role of aggravating pest by buzzing around our BBQs and making nests in awkward places. Using dryer sheets is a way to keep wasps away without the use of harsh chemicals. Required fields are marked *. Because wasps are drawn to fragrant flowers, one approach to removing them is to plant flowers that naturally repel wasps in your yard. I'm the Captain, and welcome to my little slice of the internet. Control the Wasp Population on Your Patio.

Spreading cinnamon powder near beehives will make the bees move their colony somewhere else.

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