It’s time to put your new beverage idea into action.

You have a great team, but what you really need is an expert who knows the beverage industry.

Has your project been shelved due to any of the following?

  • The technical expertise needed for beverage development is lacking.
  • You need a food scientist on your team with the experience and know-how to get your beverage from concept to market.
  • There’s no time or budget to hire a full-time employee.
  • You have inadequate industry knowledge and connections to navigate beverage manufacturing.

Are you struggling with any of these technical challenges?

  • Aseptic processing
  • Functional or nutritional formulations:
    • Sport
    • Meal replacement
    • Pediatric nutrition
    • Weight loss
  • Powder or liquid manufacturing and processing
  • Protein-based beverage development with function and flavor

Here at Wisbev, we work with your team at every stage of product development guaranteeing your beverage is precisely the way you envisioned.

WiseBev isn’t like other consulting companies. We know where our area of expertise is and we love what we do. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can.

Need some advice on where to start? We can help.
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Lindsay Wisener
Founder and Lead Consultant

Lindsay Wisener received her B.S. and M.S. degree in Food Science at Purdue University.  After obtaining her M.S. degree, Lindsay worked as a product development scientist for 10 years for CPG companies including Kellogg and Mead Johnson Nutrition.  The vast majority of her time has been spent developing functional and nutritional beverages. Example of products she has developed include infant formula, weight loss shakes, toddler nutrition products, milk modifiers, fortified waters, plant-based protein drinks, alternate milks and supplements. She has been an independent product developer for 3 years.  She develops products in her own lab, specifically designed for beverage development where she has a variety of processing and analytical equipment available. Current clients include private label manufacturers, fortune 500 companies as well as medium sized companies and start-ups.

I like that Lindsay presents different ingredient options to achieve the same product. This allowed me and my client to understand the limitations, and potential, of our product up front

— Emma Nelson, G’day Foods, LLC