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How to Get Your Beverage Idea off the Ground with My Food Job Rocks! Podcast


You have a great idea for a new beverage. Now comes the hard part: How do you navigate the time-consuming complexities of beverage development so that your drink fizzes, instead of fizzles out, on the market?

Lindsay Wisener recently joined the My Food Job Rocks Podcast to share product development tips that can ensure your beverage development success and keep you from making a misstep. Listen in to Episode 242 to hear her advice for startups and entrepreneurs working through the intricacies of beverage development. 

You’ll hear how we built our very own lab specifically designed for beverages, and how our beverage consultation process with our food science experts can help you quickly get your beverage idea off the ground.

Beverage industry tips you’ll also learn in this podcast:

  • how our food scientists work with your feedback to reach your gold standard
  • three key factors that could keep your product from success
  • how our rapid feasibility sessions help small companies quickly assess their idea
  • top trends that are shaping the food and beverage industry and our projections for the future 

From My Food Job Rocks! Podcast

We kick off this interview with some product development tips. Lindsay Wisener works with all sorts of clients big and small and so we talk about the best way to communicate feedback.

Lindsay owns WiseBev, a beverage consultancy with their very own built-out food science lab in Indiana.

It’s important to note that Lindsay built a beverage consultancy with a functional lab from scratch but it took her a while to do so but by leveraging her experience and doing it right, she now thrives with a  small team, making innovative products.

We break down step by step how she did it. From what she studied in University to the value of keeping your connections close when you’re ready to try something new.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Let our beverage consultancy experience at WiseBev help ensure your success. We’re here to help you navigate the intricate process of developing your beverage. Contact us for a free consultation today!