base formulation

How a Base Formulation Can Open Product Development Doors for your Plant

Alternative milks are all the rage right now. But how do you get in on the market? Where do you start? We asked our team of Food Scientists and they said the secret is a solid base formulation. 

What is a Base Formulation?

Think of your beverage as a house. Your base formulation is the starting point or the foundation. Other ingredients are the walls, roof, doors, windows, and decor that help you achieve the product you want to distribute to customers. 

The importance of your base formulation cannot be understated. It is a crucial component to the success of your beverage and there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s finding the right ingredients in the right amounts so when they are combined and processed your target results are achieved. In product development, this is the gold standard. It’s what will allow you to make as many variations as you want. 

Now that you know what a base formulation is, how do you develop one?

How to Develop a Base Formulation 

Base formulations are created by mixing different ingredients in carefully measured quantities to ensure the product has the required properties, including both a texture and flavor base. 

We suggest you find a team of beverage scientists that have experience creating base formulations that will best serve your product(s) in the long run. Formulation experts understand how process, pH, ingredient selection, and packaging interactions will enhance your shelf life and therefore can define your concept properly. After some testing and manipulation, you’ll find the right one: one that has a shelf life and is composed of ingredients that will work in your products. Once you have a final formulation, you’ll be able to take it and make infinite variations of your beverage. 

Bringing Your Beverage to Market

When you have your base formulation well documented, you’re ready to look for a flavor house. A flavor house can best create the beverage flavors you envision for your product and can advise if those are flavors consumers are looking for. They have expertise in flavors and specifically with beverages and confections. 

When you work with WiseBev to formulate your beverage, we’ll provide you with our list of preferred flavor house vendors and we’ll ensure they understand your base formulation and how it should work in your end product. 

So if you have a beverage idea, let’s talk! Our team of beverage scientists will save you time while providing you the experience of a full-time research and development department. We’ll develop a base formulation for you that will leave you with unlimited possibilities to take to market.